Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A sad and touching tradedy happened to a friend of my daugther

I know I usually lighthearted and looking to poke fun at things but I had to write about this.

My daughter and son in law work for a company that sell security systems during the summer. They have people all over the country. One of their newer sales guys was driving out to Denver with a technician who would be working for the company installing the systems. They got almost to their apartment and they car stopped. The boy got out of the car and while he was looking under the car another car came by and clipped the boy and took off the door.

The boy lost his leg and was lucky to have not lost his life. Here is a video of him that tells about what happened and also shows his courage.


I hope this works because it took my a long time to get this to open.

I just think it is very sad to know that there is a 18 year old out there that will now go the rest of his life with out the lower part of his leg because of the carelessness of someone else. This boy was not someone who worked on the road like a trucker, tow truck driver, police etc but it just shows you how things like this can happen to anyone who is out on the road not just the professionals who spend much of their life on the roads. I have lost friends to careless drivers and it was quite upsetting but for some reason this really bothers me. Maybe because it was a hit and run or maybe because I feel that it could have been prevented.

Good luck to Marvin Sandavol as he deals with this. May God Bless him in his recovery.

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