Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back from China

So I have a few things I want to write about but I think I will stretch it over a couple of weeks.

I have a bunch of pictures of trucks pulling stuff over there and even one interesting one of a Pick Up Truck pulling a container once I got back here to LA that we saw on the way home from the airport on Monday.

I will be looking to loading some of these on You Tube.

What I really wanted to say today was that I bought a couple of really cool tasers in China. I am not sure what they were going to be for. They looked like Cell Phones but they were tasers. I thought maybe I could give them to my daugthers for protection or maybe give them to the ladies in the office for protection or even give them away at the NSA show at the end of the month but when I got to the airport in Shanghai and checked in they scanned my checked bags and told me I had to do a special security check. What they did was go right for the tasers pull them out and confiscate them. I had a GPS tracking device, some traffic batons that are rechargeable with batteries in them and also 24 solar road studs that I was bringing back for customers in my bags but the only thing they went for was the tasers.

They took them and put them in a drawer and then dismissed me. I asked them if I could have a friend come and pick them up and they said "no". I asked US Customs about it when I arrived in the US and they said that is Chinese Customs and they do not know their rules. I guess it is illegal to take tasers out of China?


  1. Maybe you should have asked the Chinese supplier if customs would be an issue?

  2. I guess I could have done that. I do have my customs broker here in the States working on it. Not to get the tasers back but just what the duty and legality of the tasers are here in the states.

  3. LOL, only Matt Grant would try and bring tasers home from China. You crack me up.

  4. I thought maybe we could watch Danny taze himself again.

  5. There probably a cheaper version now in Vietnam!