Tuesday, December 2, 2014

We have went through a ton of changes over the last couple of years

I forgot I even had this blog. It was registered under a different email and somehow I was writing my other blog and this one popped up. Wow have things changed since I last wrote. First our product line has really firmed up. We are selling the staples of our line, Duroflash, Collapsible Cones and Traffic Batons and shipping almost everyday. Then we have the line of knives etc we are selling. We have been doing really well with the new items and our volume is up. We just moved to a new warehouse with more office space. We are doing a lot of direct import orders for some well known customers in the USA. Our specialty seems to be LED Lights. We are doing light bars and some special trucking lights that are the customers own designs. We also have branched out into some special direct import items in the Pet Industry. Over all it looks like things are going great for us. We are really looking forward to 2015.

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